Armega Forecast Goggles


Armega Forecast Goggles Nuclear Citrus Clear


  • Transparent Mud Visor Prevents seepage behind the film
  • Multiple Canister Scrapers Clean the film to reduce mud consumption
  • Smooth action Film Puller Provides a rapid cleaning of the entire field of view
  • Translucent Rear Canisters Provide easy viewing of remaining film
  • 50 mm Ultra-Wide Film Provides the maximum vertical field of view
  • Overspin Limiter Keeps film taut at all times to resist turbulent wind release
  • Utilizes the proven Armega rapid lens changing and locking system
  • Includes the ForeCast Shield Increases film retention during severe conditions
  • Supports multiple Tear-Off options

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Weight 0.8 kg

Black-Clear, Clear



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