Classic-V Helmet


Classic-V Helmet Frost


  • Features intermediate oval shape which fits the majority of head shapes in the North American markets
  • Peripherally belted, complex laminate construction shell, providing tremendous strength in a small and lightweight package, adding reinforcement where needed without increased weight or shell thickness
  • Hidden Ventilation — Fresh air enters the three forehead channels, flowing over the head and escapes through the hidden multistage channel and out the Venturi exhaust, pulling away heat
  • Interior Integrated Intake Vents — Three intake channels incorporated into the forehead area, allowing fresh air to enter the helmet and flow more easily to the crown
  • Air flowing from the intake channels into the crown, escaping through three holes in the EPS liner and pulling heat with it into the hidden multi-staged air channel
  • Rear Venturi Ports — Once air enters the hidden multi-stage air channel in the EPS liner, it is then pulled out by the low pressure created by the Venturi exhaust manifold
  • One-Piece, Multi-Density EPS Liner — The multi-density EPS beads are molded into a single liner, maximizing energy absorption requirements as needed in each area of the helmet
  • EPS liner tuning maximizes impact energy absorption ability while maintaining a uniform and compact helmet
  • Features a wide, stitched faux leather trim set in a recess channel in the shell for a clean, finished look
  • Completing the old-school look is the faux-stitched leather goggle strap holder that helps keep your goggle straps from sliding up the helmet when riding
  • 2023 Arai Brochure

Additional information

Weight 4.65 kg

Metallic, Orange, Black, Gray, White


2XL, Large, Medium, Small, XL, XS



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